The Evaluation of Tanzania Crops Using Cropwats


  • Prisca Nashon Aruni*, Fidan Aslanova2 & Gozen Elkiran


After so many years of struggling with agricultural sector, struggling with low investment and yet expecting a lot from agricultural sector, there was different policy and agendas placed forward to solve the problems of agriculture but still no good outcomes came out of it.

This paper describes and shows how useful irrigation can be and how it can help in increasing agricultural productivity in our chosen case study of Tanzania, we used cropwat to evaluate the production of ten different crops and bring out the outcome which gives out the real picture of how important irrigation can be. Tanzania is a country located in east Africa and it is one of undeveloped countries which is struggling in al means to boost their economic status and the fact that agriculture is the backbone of the nation, irrigation have and can bring more positive outcomes in the country.

Irrigation is crucial to any country and that’s why we seen all successful countries when it comes to agriculture have given irrigation a priority, the world climate is not predicted and hence rainfall is not something to depend on.



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Prisca Nashon Aruni*, Fidan Aslanova2 & Gozen Elkiran. (2023). The Evaluation of Tanzania Crops Using Cropwats. Journal of Optoelectronics Laser, 42(1), 105–116. Retrieved from