Assessment of Challenges Facing Hydro Electric Power A Case Study of Nyerere Basin in Tanzania


  • Prisca Nashon Aruni* & Gozen Elkiran


The aim of this paper is identify the challenges facing hydroelectric power sector in Tanzania a case study of Julius Nyerere basin , the research will be undertaken in Tanzania particularly in the hydropower stations , the essence of taking Tanzania as my case study , first its because its one among the countries worldwide with problems when it comes to electricity and still have few numbers of dams to generate the electricity and second its one among the countries which are likely to experience electricity shortage due to high demand which is due to high rate of population growth in the country .data were collected through documentary review and summarizing different articles that were talking about Tanzania hydroelectric power state.

The specific objectives first is to trace the whole history of Tanzania hydroelectric power and later get into the details of the Nyerere basin project which is the biggest  hydroelectric power project ever to be done in Tanzania and secondly to identify the major challenges facing the project and the impacts mostly especially to the environment around it and the whole Tanzania but lastly is to give out solutions and suggest on what to be done to improve the efficiency of the project and reduce the threats mostly especially to the environment.

Electricity is very important aspects of our daily life, 80% of the world economic activities depending on electricity, so its important to have power supply all over and country, despite the economic activities our daily life itself its important to have electricity supply daily.




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