Performance Analysis of Micro Inverter and Central Inverter


  • G. Kavya* & Dr. J Sridevi


PV system, Power Inverter, Charging and Discharging.


In this paper, a detailed analysis of both the central inverter and the micro inverter for the integration of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems into AC grids is presented. In MATLAB/Simulink, models of a 5-kW grid tie central inverter and a 250 W micro inverter are developed with polycrystalline solar PV.The system at the actual solar PV plant provides the data that serves as an input to the simulation models. These data include solar irradiance and the temperature of the PV modules. The comparative results are captured in terms of the inverter AC power output under a variety of different operating conditions and the solar PV system with micro inverters have demonstrated superior performance when compared to the central inverter across the board.



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